Introducing the CAVU Securities Share Classes of the Invesco
Treasury Portfolio, the Invesco Government & Agency Portfolio,
and the Invesco Liquid Assets Portfolio

Cavu Securities

Together with Invesco, CAVU Securities is bringing to investors a suite of
share classes designed to assist clients in managing their investment
needs while also advancing their Diversity and ESG goals.

Share classes are available in the Treasury, Government,
and Prime categories.

CAVU Securities Money Market & Government Funds


Ticker: CVTXX
CUSIP: 825252380


Government &Agency

Ticker: CVGXX
CUSIP: 825252380


Liquid Assets

Ticker: CVPXX
CUSIP: 825252398


On December 18, 2020 Invesco Asset Management and CAVU Securities
announced the launch of the CAVU Securities share classes of the Invesco
Treasury Portfolio, the Invesco Government & Agency Portfolio, and the
Invesco Liquid Assets Portfolio.

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Benefits of investing in the CAVU Securities Share Classes

These share classes deliver the benefits of impact investing while delivering world class
institutional fund management, transparency, and market presence. They generate
competitive financial returns for clients in a choice of asset classes that are right for
them and create positive social impact in line with CAVU’s dual mission of supporting
diversity in financial markets and providing training, mentorship, opportunities and
employment for veterans and minorities.

CAVU Securities will allocate and pay out a defined portion of its revenue from
these funds to select organizations that fulfill these mandates.

For more information on these outstanding
share classes, please view:


Fact Sheet


Fact Sheet


Fact Sheet

“ We are proud to partner with Invesco to bring best in class asset management to our
clients. The CAVU Securities Share Classes are positioned to deliver competitive yields
while helping investors realize diversity and ESG goals organizationally. By investing in
the CAVU Securities Share Classes, investors will be able to drive diversity and inclusion
across the business landscape as well as training and support for our country’s military
veterans and minorities. Our financial commitment to these principles has been time
tested. Working together, Investors, CAVU and Invesco will truly make a positive impact
while pursuing desired financial outcomes.”

Gregory A. Parsons, Chairman & CEO CAVU Securities, LLC

CAVU Securities Share Classes are Available
in the Following Invesco Portfolios


Cavu Securities

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