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  • CAVU’s investor relations team consists of professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience in investment banking and related areas.
  • CAVU’s investor relations services consist of shareholder communication and equity valuation for small to mid-size financial institutions.


Investor Relations Description
Target: Small to mid‐size financial institutions: Community Banks and insurance companies

(i)    Strengthen stock price performance,
(ii)   Broaden access to capital sources, and
(iii)  Address core constituency issues.

Strategies: Stock Price Performance:
  • Quarterly earnings release & investor calls
  • Investor presentations
  • Addressing shareholder concerns
Equity Valuation Coverage:
  • Quarterly valuation report
  • Transparent valuation approach
  • Addressing investor issues
Access to Capital Sources:
  • Identifying potential institutional investors and investor introductions
  • Arranging in‐person and web meetings with investors
  • Enhancing visibility in the investment community
Core Constituency Issues:
  • Addressing regulatory regulatory, Board and organizational issues
  • Optimizing financial media (print, TV and digital) outreach
  • Establishing dialogues with political and community leaders