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CAVU Securities equity team is dedicated to providing best execution for its clients. We specialize in providing coverage to asset managers, plan sponsors, corporations, family offices and hedge funds.

Our trading platform focuses on meeting the trading needs of our institutional clients. From single stock to basket trading, our EMS platform allows us to utilize numerous customized algorithms, real-time pricing as well as provide clients with pre- and post-trade analytics to mitigate exposures to risk and to manage trading costs. We offer our clients a broad range of execution capabilities along with access to liquidity destinations to meet or exceed their expectations.

Fixed Income

CAVU Securities taxable fixed income sales & trading team provides its institutional clients with a wide range of offerings from corporate bonds, US agency debt, mortgage and asset-backed securities and preferred stocks. CAVU’s sales team provides market color, competitive pricing and analysis to deliver superior execution to its clients. CAVU is committed to delivering access to the primary and secondary market in taxable fixed income products.